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Pet Stores in Toronto

There are many different pet stores in Toronto that pet owners and buyers can choose from. You can find them almost in every corner of the city. If you pay the city a visit, you will find out how passionate Toronto residents about taking care of lovable pets and making them part of their lives. It seems that each famous retail block in the city has a number of specialty boutiques offering good products and services especially manufactured and rendered for your most valuable pets at home. All these stores have professionals on the go that can expertly render various services for your pet such as clipping, coiffing, photographing, massaging and a lot more.

You may also avail of other special products and services for your pet. For instance, if you want to have a party for your pet, you can buy or rent a dog cake from a pet store. Dress your dear doggie up with high end designer clothing items customized for dogs. In addition, you may also buy some pieces of furniture that are fabricated purposely for dogs or other types of pet. This means to say that you will never run out of retail pet shops that have got all you need. Now let us take a look at some of the most popular and highly commended pet stores located in Toronto, Canada.

The first pet store in the city to consider is the Timmie Doggie Outfitters. This pet- related business was put up by two graphic designers. It has two branches located in Leslieville and West Queen West. It is a popular dog boutique that offers a vast array of grooming products and other pet items including food, toys and others. The grooming services are offered by appointment and you must therefore call ahead.

The second pet store is Helmutt’s Pet Supply. This store also offers everything you need for your valued pet. These include toys, nutritional foods, bowls, organic treats and a lot more. It is situated adjacent to the Timmie Doggie Outfitters. Truly, it is the perfect place for pet owners in Toronto.

The third pet store in our list is the Annex Pet Supplies. What is good about this store is that if you do not have enough time anymore to get out of your house and visit the store, they are always ready to deliver your ordered items right to your home on weekends. The store caters to the needs of both cat and dog owners. Some of items available at this shop include treats, foods, toys, scratching posts, litter pans and a lot more.

The fourth pet shop in Toronto you might love is the Bone House. What makes the products of this store very desirable for pet lovers is that they are guaranteed 100% econ friendly and 85% made in Canada. This is located in the Queen East and it offers a wide selection of products such as dog bathrobes, business bags and many more. They also have a resident photographer who just does not take traditional, usual pet portraits but also other fun alternatives.

The fifth pet store Toronto available in the city is the Kennel Café. You may have gotten intrigued by its name but mind you, it is not a store that serves a cup of coffee to a pet or pet owner. The Kennel Café is renowned for its various products that are organic, natural and very eco- friendly. Delivery of products to buyers’ homes is also available.

The above- mentioned ones are merely five of the numerous pet shops located in Toronto. You may get perplexed with the choice you are going to make. But what is very important is that you put “quality” at the top of your list of considerations as you purchase items for your beloved pet.