Feline Fresh Cat Litter - Scoopable Clumping Pine Formula

Feline Fresh Cat Litter - Scoopable Clumping Pine Formula

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Scoopable Feline Fresh revolutionizes cat litter with its superior absorption and instant odor-neutralizing capabilities. Made from natural southern yellow pine, this environmentally friendly litter is clumpable, scoopable, flushable, and exceptionally lightweight. Its unique formulation absorbs liquid waste swiftly, forming biodegradable clumps that can be flushed safely, even in septic systems. With Feline Fresh, enjoy a low-maintenance, fresh pine-scented litter box that's kind to the planet and perfect for multiple cat households.

Key Features:

  • Superior absorption, instantly neutralizes ammonia odors.
  • Biodegradable and flushable clumps, safe for septic tanks.
  • Lightweight and long-lasting for less frequent changes.
  • Environmentally friendly, made from sustainable southern yellow pine.
  • Non-toxic, without silica dust, chemicals, or fragrances.
  • Suitable for composting or use as mulch after solid waste removal.


100% Southern Yellow Pine.

Directions for Use:

  • Fill the litter box with Scoopable Feline Fresh to the desired level.
  • Liquid waste will be absorbed instantly, forming clumps.
  • Scoop and flush the clumps as needed.
  • Add more litter to maintain the proper level in the litter box.
  • Entirely change and dispose of used litter in compost or as garden mulch, ensuring solid waste is removed beforehand.

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