Aqueon Fish Food - Goldfish Flakes

Aqueon Fish Food - Goldfish Flakes

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Aqueon Goldfish Flakes are designed to provide daily nutrition for various types of goldfish including common goldfish, fancy orandas, and koi. The flake food floats at the water's surface, making it easily accessible for fish. This product is also available in granules to suit different feeding preferences.

Key Features:

  • Natural ingredients and vibrant colors enhanced with added vitamins, minerals, and trace nutrients.
  • Nutritious formula that attracts fish and promotes efficient food utilization, reducing waste.
  • Flakes remain at the water surface, suitable for fish that feed at this level.
  • Formulated to avoid water cloudiness when fed as directed.
  • Ideal for a variety of goldfish types such as Comets, Fantails, Shubunkins, Orandas, and small Koi.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Nutrient Minimum % Maximum %
Crude Protein 38.0
Crude Fat 5.0
Crude Fiber 3.0
Moisture 8.0


This fish food is made from a blend of natural ingredients and colors with vitamins, minerals, and trace nutrients, designed to be attractive and beneficial to fish.

Feeding Directions / Tips:

Fish Type Amount to Feed
Common Goldfish Pinch of flakes per fish, no more than 3 times daily
Fancy Orandas and Koi Adjust pinch size according to fish size, up to 3 times daily

Additional Notes:

  • Ensure to feed only as much as fish can consume in a few minutes to avoid overfeeding and potential water quality issues.
  • Check the packaging for any additional feeding recommendations and product specifics such as expiration date and batch number.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee is offered by the manufacturer.

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