Big Country Raw - Frozen Lamb Ears

Big Country Raw - Frozen Lamb Ears

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Lamb Ears from pasture raised Alberta Lamb. Lamb ears are a chewy treat that your dog will love. Ears are an excellent source of glucosamine and protein and are a low-fat treat that is a great alternative to pig ears.

Key Benefits

  • Hormone & Antibiotic Free
  • Pasture Raised Lamb
  • Good physical and mental exercise

Safe Raw Food Handling Instructions

  • Keep food frozen and thaw in refrigerator until ready to use.
  • Raw food must be used within 3 days after thawing
  • Return unused food back to the refrigerator after serving.
  • Serve in stainless steel or ceramic dishes.
  • Wash all work surfaces, utensils, serving spoons and hands with hot water & soap after handling raw meat & poultry.


Lamb Ear

Feeding Guide

Approximate individual weight 60 grams. Approximately 12 ā€“ 15 pieces per bag.

Ā Dog Weight As a Meal (pieces) As a Treat (pieces)
0-10 lbs 1/2-1

10-20 lbs 2-3
20-40 lbs 4-8
40-80 lbs 8-12
80 lbs + 12+

Guaranteed Analysis

Analysis shown per 100g as fed

Calories (min) 236 kcal
ProteinĀ (min) 21%
FatĀ (min) 16%
MoistureĀ (max) 54%
Carbs (max) 2%
Fiber (max)
Calcium (min)
Phosphorus (min)

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