Coastal Cat Grooming Supplies - Safari Soft Slicker Brush

Coastal Cat Grooming Supplies - Safari Soft Slicker Brush

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The Safari by Coastal Cat Soft Slicker Brush is designed to enhance your cat's coat health and appearance while keeping your home clean from shed hair. This effective grooming tool features stainless steel pins that easily tackle mats and tangles, promoting a healthier, more lustrous coat.

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel pins effectively remove tough mats and tangles.
  • Helps reduce shedding, keeping both your cat and home cleaner.
  • Enhances the natural luster of your cat's coat, leaving it shiny and healthy.
  • Prevents hairballs and promotes overall health by stimulating blood circulation and distributing natural oils.
  • Comfort-grip handle for easy and comfortable use during grooming sessions.


  • The brush is made with stainless steel pins and features a comfort-grip handle for ease of use.


  • Gently brush your cat’s coat in the direction of hair growth, starting from the head towards the tail and down the legs.
  • Focus on one section at a time to effectively remove mats and loose hair.
  • Use regularly to maintain the health and appearance of your cat’s coat.


  • This brush is suitable for cats with all types of coats, whether short or long.
  • Regular grooming with the Safari® Soft Slicker Brush not only improves your cat's coat but also enhances your bonding time with your pet.
  • Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grooming experience, making it a valuable addition to your cat care routine.

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