Go Cat Cat Toy - Da Shrimp Orange Attachment

Go Cat Cat Toy - Da Shrimp Orange Attachment 

Go Cat Cat Toy - Da Shrimp Orange Attachment

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Enhance your cat's playtime with the Go Cat Da Shrimp Orange Attachment. This plush shrimp toy easily clips to your cat's favorite wand, like Go Cat Da Bird Wands or Cat Fishin’ Rods, offering a fun and interactive experience.

Key Features:

  • Plush, bright orange shrimp design that attracts cats.
  • Easy-clip attachment securely fits a variety of cat wands and teasers.
  • Enhances playful interaction and satisfies hunting instincts.
  • Compatible with Go Cat Da Bird Wands, Cat Fishin’ Rods, and other similar cat wands.


  • Attach Da Shrimp to a compatible cat wand or teaser.
  • Engage your cat in play by simulating natural hunting movements.
  • Supervise your pet during play sessions to ensure safety.
  • Regularly inspect the attachment for signs of wear and replace when necessary.
  • Store securely after use to prevent unsupervised play.

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