Kong Cat Toys - Laser Teaser Ribbons

Kong Cat Toys - Laser Teaser Ribbons

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The KONG Laser Teaser Ribbons offers a new twist on playtime, blending the allure of laser chasing with the tactile pleasure of ribbons. Perfect for interactive sessions, this toy encourages your cat to stalk, pounce, and leap, providing both mental and physical stimulation. Designed with a cat's natural hunting instincts in mind, the Laser Teaser Ribbons promises endless entertainment with just the press of a button.

Key Features:

  • Features an interactive laser to spark chasing and stalking instincts.
  • Includes a ball of ribbon and rope for satisfying bat and pounce playtime.
  • Equipped with a convenient on/off button to extend playtime.
  • Comes with batteries included for immediate fun right out of the box.


  • Use the Laser Teaser Ribbons in a spacious area where your cat has room to play safely.
  • Press the on/off button to start the laser and engage your cat in play.
  • Move the laser and ribbons to mimic the erratic movements of prey to encourage natural hunting behaviors.
  • Supervise your cat during play and turn off the laser when not in use to ensure it lasts longer.
  • Store the toy safely away from pets when not in use to avoid accidental damage or ingestion of small parts.

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