Petmate Dog Grooming Supplies - JW Gripsoft Fine & Coarse Comfort Comb

Petmate Dog Grooming Supplies - JW Gripsoft Fine & Coarse Comfort Comb

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The JW GripSoft Fine & Coarse Comfort Grooming Comb is an essential tool for dog owners, designed to tackle both fine and coarse coats. This comb excels in breaking up mats and detangling fur, featuring rounded stainless steel teeth that rotate 360-degrees for thorough, gentle grooming. The rubber-sheathed handle ensures non-slip comfort and precision, making it suitable for all breeds and coat types.

Key Features:

  • Dual-sided with fine and coarse teeth to handle various coat types and grooming needs.
  • Rubber-sheathed handle provides extreme non-slip comfort and precision during use.
  • Rounded stainless steel teeth rotate 360-degrees, allowing for gentle and effective grooming.
  • Ideal for breaking up mats and detangling, enhancing the coat's softness and shine.


  • Comb constructed with a rubber-sheathed handle for ergonomic comfort.
  • Teeth made from rounded stainless steel, designed to be gentle on your dog's skin.


  • Start at the head and work your way to the tail and down the legs.
  • Use the coarse side to loosen any mats and tangles, then switch to the fine side for more detailed grooming.
  • Gently work through the coat in sections, ensuring to reach all layers for effective detangling and mat removal.


  • Regular use of this comb as part of your grooming routine can help maintain your dog's coat in optimal condition, reducing shedding and keeping fur tangle-free.
  • Introduce grooming gradually to your dog, especially if they are not used to regular combing, to ensure a positive experience.
  • Clean the comb after each use to remove hair and debris, ensuring it is ready for the next grooming session.

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