Petmate Dog Grooming Supplies - JW Gripsoft Rotating Comfort Comb

Petmate Dog Grooming Supplies - JW Gripsoft Rotating Comfort Comb

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The JW GripSoft Rotating Comfort Grooming Comb is engineered for ease and comfort in grooming, ideal for dogs of all breeds and coat types. This comb features rotating stainless steel teeth that detangle and smooth your dog's coat while being gentle on the skin, making grooming an enjoyable experience for both pet and owner.

Key Features:

  • Rotating teeth allow for gentle combing of the coat, efficiently untangling knots without pulling on the skin.
  • Ergonomic rubber-sheathed handle provides non-slip comfort and precision during grooming.
  • Effective in breaking up mats and removing tangles, revealing a soft, shiny, and tangle-free coat.
  • Suitable for all breeds and coat types, serving as an excellent finishing tool in regular grooming routines.


  • The comb is constructed with a comfortable, non-slip rubber handle and rounded stainless steel teeth that rotate 360 degrees.


  • Start at the head and gently work your way to the tail and down the legs.
  • Use the comb to gently detangle and smooth the coat, taking care to tackle mats and knots without pulling harshly.
  • Rotate the comb as needed to reach difficult areas without causing discomfort to your pet.


  • Regular use of the JW Gripsoft Rotating Comfort Comb can help maintain your dog's coat health by removing debris and preventing mats from forming.
  • Introduce grooming gradually to ensure your dog becomes comfortable with the process, reinforcing a positive experience with treats and praise.
  • Clean the comb regularly to remove hair and debris, ensuring optimal performance and hygiene for each use.

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