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Savic Cat Litter Boxes - Nestor Bulk Toilet Home

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The Savic Nestor Hooded Cat Litter Box is a modern and efficient solution for your cat's litter needs. Featuring a high base tray and a raised back wall, it minimizes leakages and provides a clean, private space for your cat. The hood can be flipped up for easy access, making cleaning hassle-free, while the included carbon filter keeps odors contained.

Key Features:

  • High base tray and raised back wall to prevent leakage
  • Flip-up hood with swing door for easy access
  • Integrated handle for convenient relocation
  • Carbon filter to control odors, ensuring a fresh environment
  • Suitable for nervous or anxious cats; the hood can be left open initially
  • Dimensions: 22" L x 15" W x 15" H (55.88cm L x 38.1cm W x 38.1cm H)


Step Description
Setup Place the litter box in a quiet, accessible spot.
Introduce Allow your cat to explore the new box with or without the cover.
Maintenance Clean regularly, replacing litter as needed. Flip up the hood for easy access during cleaning.
Filter Replacement Replace the carbon filter regularly to maintain odor control.

Tips for Usage:

  • If the clips on the hood are stiff, push them slightly inwards for easier operation.
  • Keep the entrance unobstructed to encourage your cat to use the litter box.
  • Consider the placement for privacy and ease of your cat.

This litter box is designed to offer both comfort and cleanliness, ensuring a pleasant environment for both the pet and the owner.

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