Snappy Tom Cat Litter - Premium Crystal Unscented

Snappy Tom Cat Litter - Premium Crystal Unscented

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Snappy Tom Crystal Cat Litter offers a unique litter solution for cat owners prioritizing cleanliness and odor control. This unscented crystal litter ensures your cat's litter box stays fresh and hygienic with minimal maintenance. Designed for long-lasting use, it requires less frequent changes than traditional clumping litter, making it an efficient choice for busy pet owners.

Key Features:

  • Unscented formula ideal for sensitive noses.
  • Crystal composition for superior odor control.
  • Requires less frequent changing, suitable for multi-cat households.
  • Easy to maintain; only solid waste needs regular removal.
  • Available in convenient 4.4lbs and 8.8lbs bags.


100% Premium Litter Crystals (Unscented)


Activity Directions
Initial Setup Thoroughly clean and dry the litter box. Fill the box with 3-5 cm (approximately 1.2-2 inches) of Snappy Tom Crystal Cat Litter.
Maintenance Regularly remove solid waste to maintain cleanliness. No need for daily litter changes due to the long-lasting odor control of the crystals. Adjust the frequency of changing the entire litter based on the number of cats.
Multi-Cat Households Use the same amount of litter but increase the frequency of changing the entire litter to accommodate multiple cats.

Note: Always wash your hands thoroughly after handling used cat litter. Dispose of used litter in trash. Do not flush or put in drains.

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