Van Ness Cat Litter Boxes - Framed Sifting Cat Litter Pan

Van Ness Cat Litter Boxes - Framed Sifting Cat Litter Pan

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Van Ness Framed Sifting Cat Litter Pan is designed for cat owners who want the convenience of scoop-free litter maintenance while accommodating cats that prefer an open litter pan. The framed design adds height to reduce litter spills and is made from high polish, easy-to-clean, odor and stain-resistant plastic.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for owners seeking scoop-free litter maintenance
  • Open design for cats uncomfortable with enclosed pans
  • Framed pan provides added height to reduce litter spills
  • High polish finish for easy cleaning
  • Odor and stain-resistant plastic
  • Made in the USA
  • Assembled dimensions: 8.00 H X 15.13 W X 19.00 D inches
  • Item Number: CP5


  • Place the litter pan in a quiet, accessible location for your cat.
  • Fill the sifting pan with 2-3 inches of cat litter.
  • To clean, lift the sifting tray to separate waste from clean litter.
  • Dispose of waste appropriately and return the clean litter to the pan.
  • Wash the litter pan with mild soap and water as needed.
  • Ensure the pan is completely dry before refilling with litter.

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