Yeowww! Cat Toys - Stinkies Catnip Filled Sardines

Yeowww! Cat Toys - Stinkies Catnip Filled Sardines

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Dive into a sea of fun with YEOWWW! Stinkies Sardines. These wonderfully odorous catnip toys come in a pack of three, each brightly colored and embroidered for eye-catching play. Stuffed to the gills with potent YEOWWW! catnip, these sardine toys are sure to make a splash with any feline friend.

Key Features:

  • Pack of three colorfully embroidered sardine toys.
  • Filled with potent YEOWWW! catnip for irresistible allure.
  • Eye-catching design for engaging play.


  • 100% filled with premium, potent YEOWWW! catnip.


  • Simply remove the Stinkies Sardines from the packaging and introduce them to your cat for endless entertainment.
  • No feeding guidelines applicable for this non-edible toy.
  • Monitor play and inspect toys for wear and tear, replacing when necessary to ensure safety.

Enjoy watching your cat's playful antics as they bat, bite, and toss these irresistible Stinkies Sardines around, filled with the finest catnip to stimulate their natural play instincts.

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